The Law Office of Dr. Zsolt Ferenc Mohácsi welcomes its clients in both Budapest and Debrecen, but only at pre-arranged times due to the volume of business. The Law Office basically provides criminal law representation, but in connection with these procedures, it also undertakes assignments in the areas of penal enforcement, immigration police, civil law and family law. Although the Client Reception takes place mainly in Budapest and Debrecen, the Office provides representation throughout the country, so if the given case requires it, there is obviously a way and possibility to deviate from the general procedure.


Today's world has outgrown the traditional role of a criminal lawyer, in which the lawyer fights alone against the entire apparatus of the police and prosecution. In order to achieve the best criminal law result for the Client, the use of experts, private investigators and all other persons who can contribute to the achievement of effectiveness are indispensable from the point of view of protection. Even the best criminal lawyer cannot achieve outstanding results without the right background work and assistants.

As a lawyer specializing in criminal law, the best situation is when the Client contacts you even before the possible official proceedings, even just in the form of advice. It is a fact that the later the lawyer becomes involved in the criminal proceedings, the more difficult it is to achieve the best criminal outcome, not including extraordinary legal remedies, i.e. retrial or review. The above statement is especially true in the case of drug trafficking and possession, as well as crimes that violate economic order, damage the budget, and against property, such as embezzlement, fraud, economic fraud, budget fraud, or even the crime of bankruptcy.

The Office also has outstanding experience in the procedures related to the execution of sentences. This is a very narrow area of ​​law that is exhaustively known and practiced by relatively few lawyers, however, when we are talking about the release of the convict several months or a year earlier in the case of a sentence of several years, for example by ordering reintegration custody, or as a result of a change in grade in the meantime, or due to effective representation at discount negotiations, it cannot be neglected in any way. 

The Law Office provides representation in many cases during extraordinary legal remedies, be it review proceedings or retrials. Based on national statistics, the effectiveness of these procedures is very low, but the underlying cause of this is the large number of requests for revisions and retrials submitted imprudently and with insufficient thoroughness. These extraordinary procedures can only lead to results if the lawyer obtains the entire procedural-investigative and court-documents, and then carefully studies them from the first letter of the list of documents to the last letter of the court procedure, according to the given point of view. After that, you will be in a position to most likely be able to form an opinion regarding the way forward and the effectiveness of the procedure. Don't get me wrong, a precise and all-encompassing review of an "average" document requires 40-50 hours of concentrated work, but only this can lead to the lawyer being able to give an exhaustive and accurate opinion on the expected outcome of the procedure.